You can plant a billion trees, but the tool used to plant those trees, is only as sharp as the mind planting them
— Damaged Timber

Scholarship Program

There are plenty of really great organizations and foundations to donate time and money to (ie. Ducks Unlimited, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, etc). So it would be totally acceptable to give away a portion of our profits to any of those organizations. We could also tell you we will plant some trees for every item sold but is “just” planting trees enough?

But what about starting from the top? Why not invest in the future? Invest in the people that will make a difference.

Our goal is to build up a scholarship program where we can give to those special individuals with a heart for conservation.


We are so pleased to announce our first Scholarship recipient!

The very first recipient Gillian Stauffer!

Here is a little blurb from her application:

“I knew I wanted to go into something where I could protect the beauty and function of the

forest, but I grew up in a forestry town and knew the importance of the forest industry

and the economic demand for wood products. This is all why I went into forestry, to help continue the

use of forest resources but pushing it to be done in an environmentally conscious way. I consider

myself a steward of the forest because of this. Upon graduation, I hope to work in the forest industry

and help forest planners and professionals make better decisions regarding the environment we

harvest in. I want generations after me to be able to gain all the experiences I have and love every

second spent outside in Canada’s forests”

Gillian Stauffer BSc in Forestry- University of Alberta

Gillian Stauffer BSc in Forestry- University of Alberta